Not Your typical high school musical: ‘Bare’ vs. ‘Battalia Royale’

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FEATURE: Sipat Lawin Ensemble’s Battalia Royale vs. Ateneo Blue Repertory’s BARE

AS SEEN ON: Young Star, The Philippine Star (March 9, 2012 issue)


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"10 is the Magic Number" - Battalia Royale’s resident golden boy Victor played by actor Marco Viana squares off against Bare’s popular kid Jason played by actor Jaime Barcelon

Golden Boys - Actors Marco Viana and Jaime Barcelon play popular kids Victor and Jason in Battalia Royale and Bare, respectively.
"Bitch, please!" - Bare’s queen bitch Ivy (played by Maronne Cruz) gets ready to pounce on Battalia Royale’s caculating yet extremely deadly bitch Kakai (played by Thea Yrastorza)
"Life’s a Bitch, and then you die" - Bare’s Ivy (played by Maronne Cruz) and Battalia Royale’s Kakai (played by Thea Yrastorza) savor the calm before the storm
Hunger Games - Battalia Royale’s June (played by Sarah Salazar), a student by day and stripper by night, moves in for the kill while Bare’s Nadia (played by Cassie Manalastas) waits in the shadows. She might just have a trick up her sleeve. 
Maximum Authority - Battalia Royale’s Director and theater actor JK Anicoche stands in for Kuya Bodjie Pascua as Fraser Salamon, the game master. He is joined here by actress Jenny Jamora who plays Peter’s mom Claire in Ateneo Blue Repertory’s Bare 

"This means WAR!" - the students of Our Lady of Guadalupe High School (seen here are actors Tara Cabaero, Adrienne Veragara, Isabelle Martinez, Michan Mendoza, Mk Espiritu, and Kiko Miranda) square off against the students of St. Cecilia’s Boarding School (with actors Marphie Bernardo, Mikah Franco, Mica Fajardo, Justine Pena, and Dar Uy). 

If you like what you saw, you have this weekend to catch both shows.

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Catch Bare, a pop opera in Teatrino, at The Promenade, Greenhills, on March 7-10 with gala shows on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m., and matinee shows on Saturdays at 3 p.m. For tickets, contact Chiz Jardin at 0916-5787618 or e-mail Check out or for more details.

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Also, Battalia Royale will be having performances in Victoria School, Cubao QC on March 9-11 at 7:30 p.m. Contact the Sipat Lawin Hotline 0917-5008753 for tickets or check out for more details.

Bibo Reyes and Jaime Barcelon Maronne Cruz Franco Chan and Orange Sanchez Cassie Manalastas Marphie Bernardo

Stunning images from Ateneo Blue Repertory’s BARE courtesy of premier theater photographer Jojit Lorenzo.

This pop-opera opens on Feb. 28 at the Teatrino.

Don’t miss it!


In line with its 20th anniversary, the Ateneo blueREPERTORY of the Loyola Schools Performing Arts Cluster proudly presents “ BARE: A POP OPERA ” —- the amazing Off-Broadway musical that narrates the story of two boys at a Catholic boarding school as they struggle through the challenges their clandestine love brings.

Due to insistent public demand following its initial sold-out three-week run in 2009, the Ateneo blueREPERTORY has decided to revive “ BARE:  A POP OPERA ” as the featured season finale for school year 2011-2012, a marked precedent in the history of productions produced by the student organization.

So as to treat a bigger target audience with the musical’s powerful story, timely message and memorable music, “ BARE: A POP OPERA ” is set to open on February 29, 2012 - 8:00 p.m. at TEATRINO located at The Promenade, Greenhills, San Juan.

Succeeding play dates are set on March 1-3 and March 7-10 with gala shows on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 p.m., and matinee shows on Saturdays at 3:00 p.m.

 “ BARE:  A POP OPERA ” centers on a group of high school seniors at a Catholic boarding school, facing issues of sexuality and personal identity. The show revolves around the clandestine romance between Peter, an altar boy, and Jason, the school’s golden kid. While Peter feels they should make their relationship public, Jason worries they won’t be accepted and is further troubled by the advances of the popular Ivy. Nadia, Jason’s overweight, sardonic sister, and Matt, Ivy’s ambitious suitor, join their story, which resonates with the many of us who have suffered the scrutiny of a prejudiced world. 

With book, music and lyrics by Jon Hartmere Jr. and Damon Intrabartolo, “ BARE:  A POP OPERA ” tells the emotional story of how these teenagers come to terms with who they are and who the world thinks they should be, seeking answers from the Church, their friends and, ultimately, from within themselves.

 “ BARE:  A POP OPERA ”  features Jaime Barcelon as Jason,  the handsome golden child of St. Cecilia’s senior class. Jaime recently appeared as Jetsam in Atlantis Productions’ “ THE LITTLE MERMAID ” and was casted as an understudy for Henry in Atlantis Productions’ “ NEXT TO NORMAL ”. 

Bibo Reyes will reprise the role of Peter, an introspective person and Jason’s clandestine boyfriend. Bibo is a senior studying BFA Information Design at the Ateneo de Manila University. He was recently seen in Atlantis Productions’ “ IN THE HEIGHTS ” as Sonny. 

Maronne Cruz will play the role of Ivy, a pretty and popular St. Cecilia’s student who falls for Jason. Maronne is a junior studying BS Management at the Ateneo de Manila University. She was last seen onstage as Audrey in “ LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS ”

Cassie Manalastas reprises the role of Nadia, Jason’s pudgy, sardonic twin sister. Cassie is a senior studying BS Psychology at the Ateneo de Manila University. She starred as Ronette in the Ateneo blueREPERTORY’s “ LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS ”.

Orange Sanchez and Franco Chan shall alternate the role of Matt, the studious, pious student who so happens to be Jason’s academic and romantic rival. 

 Mark Bernardo plays the role of Lucas, the school’s fun-loving purveyor of altered reality. Mark is a senior studying AB Interdisciplinary Studies at the Ateneo de Manila University. 

 Jenny Jamora shall reprise the role of Claire, Peter’s mother. Jenny is an Aliw-award nominated actress who has worked with Repertory Philippines, Atlantis Productions, New Voice Company, Actor’s Actors, Inc., Word of Mouth Philippines, U.P. Playwright’s Theater, Musical Theater Philippines and the Ateneo blueREPERTORY. 

 Rem Zamora will reprise the role of Sister Chantelle an African-American nun, wise, no-nonsense and also as Priest, St. Cecilia’s headmaster. Rem starred in the Ateneo blueREPERTORY’s first production, “ PIPPIN ”, as the Lead Player, and the year after as The Tin Man in “ The Wiz ”. 

 The ensemble features Jussy Peña as Tanya, Lucas’s girlfriend; Mikah Franco as Kyra, the sexy student; Mica Fajardo as the naive Diane Lee; Raisa Tabusalla as the sarcastic Rory; Jian Kho as Zack, the jock-type student; Gabriel Perez as the nerdy Alan; Lara Antonio as Louise; Luigi Du as Jakob; CJ Francisco as Seth; Bernice Reyes as Mary Jane; and Dar Uy as Daniel.

 “ BARE: A POP OPERA ” will be directed by ANA ABAD SANTOS. She appeared in Repertory Philippines’s “ A PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS FILIPINO ” and directed     “ Hamlet ”. She also directed the Ateneo blueREPERTORY’s first run of “ BARE: A POP OPERA ” in 2009.

 The artistic and creative team of the Ateneo blueREPERTORY’S  “ BARE: A POP OPERA ” is composed of  Onyl Torres (Musical Director for Vocals), Abi Sulit (Assistant Musical Director for Vocals), Joseph Tolentino (Musical Director for Band), Carlon Matobato (Choreographer), Leeroy New (Set Designer), John Batalla (Lights Designer and Technical Director), Jethro Joaquin (Sound Designer), and Raven Ong (Costume Designer).

For tickets, inquiries and other information, please contact Chiz Jardin at 09165787618 or through email at For show buying, please contact Luis Marcelo at 09175025847.

 Subscribe to and Follow @_blueREPERTORY on Twitter.

 “ BARE: A POP OPERA ” is presented through special arrangement with and all authorized performance materials are supplied by Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW), 570 Seventh Avenue, Suite 2100, New York, NY 10018.